Check if e-mail is invalid or disposable

Using this simple form you can verify if a domain is valid to receive e-mail, if it has an MX pointer, or if it's used for disposable temporary e-mails.


Some previously checked domains:        


High load prevented by load-balanced servers


99.9% uptime, and FAST response


Multiple heuristic methods to block bad e-mails


Free API available
Our secure API is free to use

Just verifying an e-mail with a regular expression or blocking specific domains isn't enough. Stop spamming and trolls once and for all.

Our API uses a combination of blacklists and advanced heuristics to check if a domain is valid, or if it could potentially cause issues. The API is free to use for almost everyone, but we have larger plans, if you need to check many addresses.

Ready to try the API? Check our sample code, or read the getting started page!