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We designed it with your needs in mind, so you can easily validate an e-mail address, and block disposable emails from signing up to your service.

Discover the world's most advanced free e-mail validation service

We might be slightly partial when saying this, but we really DO separate ourselves from the rest..

High uptime and speed

The API has an uptime of over 99.9%, load-balancing across multiple servers, and providing great speed for email validation checks.

Free API

The email verification API is free to use, with a straightforward model if you need to do more than 1000 requests per month.

User Friendly

All you need to do is a simple GET-request to our API, and receive the reply as JSON. Easy for a programmer to implement!

Real-time validation of your most important metrics, your users.

No matter if you need to clean a list of email addresses for a newsletter, or just want to validate email addresses at signup, making sure you get valid addresses is important.

You can use it to help the user detect a typo in email address when they mistype, or prevent abusive users or spammers by validating the user's email and require a valid email check at user registration.

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