Disposable e-mail easily explained as 1-2-3

Here is a quick run-down of how many disposable services work
01. User visits your website

You have a sign-up form on your website, to prevent spamming, trolls, and perhaps only allow a trial version or freebie per user.

The user doesn't want to give you his real e-mail.

02. Temporary e-mail services

There are many many websites, where users can instantly generate a random e-mail, for example: [email protected]

They give you this disposable instantly generated e-mail instead of their real one!

As soon as they sign-up, or get whatever they want from you, they never bother about that e-mail address again.

03. You're left with crappy data

Even if you require e-mail validation, they can simply click your link when it is received, and then never read that e-mail again.

You now have the fake e-mail [email protected] in your database, and the user can easily repeat the same thing hundreds of times.

And with literally hundreds of different domains.

What are you waiting for?

Start blocking disposable e-mails

If they don't want to give me their e-mail, I don't care. I'm no spammer, I don't want to invade on their privacy

It's of course fine to allow temporary disposable e-mail addresses if you want to, but it really depends on your target demographic and what services you offer.

If you have a voting system, comments, or allow free trials based on e-mail addresses, it's not as simple. Are you okay with the fact that it's so easy to generate fake e-mail addresses, and download unlimited trials, vote multiple times, or difficulty to block spammers and trolls?

But, if they can always generate unlimited e-mail addresses via Hotmail or Yahoo, why should you care? There is much bigger work involved in generating "real" e-mail addresses than fake disposable temporary e-mail addresses. Many time, if it's too much of a hazzle, they will eventually stop trying.


How can you block fake temporary e-mails?

Easily, with our free API!

There are hundreds of domains being used for temporary disposable e-mails, and it's a big job to blacklist them all, and new ones are being added regularly.

What are some examples of disposable e-mails?

Here are a few domains which our API recently blocked automatically:

titaspaharpur5.cf        alessio.it        pike.kyscholls.us        gamil.com        iclund.com        aol.coo.com        penndentist.com        789gmail.com        


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